The number 1 when it comes to aligners

We are specialized and certified for invisible aligners. With the digital preparation of your data, we can offer treatment with invisible, removable and very comfortable splints.


In der Invisalign-Therapie sind wir Platin – Elite Behandler und greifen auf mehr als 1000 erfolgreich abgeschlossene Behandlungsfälle zurück.

Our Invisalign profile 

Treatment with invisible, removable, comfortable aligners.

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Magic Aligner

Unsichtbare-Zahnschiene mit Spiegel

Magic aligners are invisible dental splints and are manufactured exclusively by us. 

As a product of our company and thanks to the 3D printer, the models are later biodegradable. 

Environmentally friendly and convenient - everything for your smile.

WIN / Incognito

Treatment with individualized brackets that are glued to the inside of the teeth, made of gold or stainless steel.

Ceramic brackets

Die semi – unsichtbare Lösung sind Keramikbrackets. Sie sind aus Zahn farbenen Keramikmaterial hergestellt und fallen daher kaum auf.

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