We would like to give you a few first aid tips for any problems that may arise with fixed or removable devices. In all cases, however, you should immediately make an appointment with us in practice so that we can solve the problem professionally and you can feel good again.

Our practice and our partner practices are available to you 360 days a year. This means that if a practice is closed due to vacation, you will be forwarded to another practice by telephone at the opening time. They know these devices there and they will help you. 

Possible problems with stuck equipment

Loosened bow

Try using tweezers to reinsert the bow into the bracket or ribbon. If this is not possible, shorten the bow with a pair of pliers behind the last bracket. If necessary, glue the end of the bow with some wax.

Annoying bow ends

Try to gently bend or press the end of the bow with a spoon or a pencil eraser. If this is not possible, stick some protective wax, which you have received from us, on the bow end. If wax is no longer available, you can also use sugar-free chewing gum to cover it.

Pain / sores

Pain may occur if the appliance or a multi-band arch has been reinserted. Pain up to 3 days is acceptable. Homeopathic beads provide relief. For mild complaints: Belladonna D6, Arnica D6. In very rare exceptional cases, taking a painkiller is useful. Oral hygiene is extremely important as bacterial inflammation can also cause pain.

Inflammation of the gums

Gum infections are usually due to poor oral and dental care. Groom your teeth, including gums, after every meal.

Problems with removable equipment

Removable device is annoying

If the device presses or interferes with the gums, make an appointment with us at short notice!

Removable brace is defective

If the removable brace or a wire of the brace is broken, please make an appointment with us at short notice. In many cases a damaged, loose brace can be repaired by us. A sharp edge on the plastic can be temporarily smoothed yourself using a nail file. If the device still fits and there is no pressure point due to wearing it, please carry the device on until the appointment. There is a strong risk of relapse of the treatment result achieved! Make an appointment now!

Brace does not fit / brace has been lost

In any case, please make an appointment at short notice because there is a high risk of relapse of the treatment result achieved.
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